Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Scolari flips over Robinho move - report

Chelsea boss Luiz Felipe Scolari was felt feeling "angry and let down" when transfer target Robinho moved to Manchester City instead of Stamford Bridge, according to a report in the Sun.

Scolari was upset his superiors at Chelsea wouldn't increase their £28.4million bid for the player, according to reports but, according to a source, is "too professional" to make a fuss about the issue. Of course, the newspaper may be stirring something that isn't there, but there seems to be more than a grain of truth to the claims.

Who would have thought the Chelsea boss would be fuming he couldn't match Man City's offer of £32.4million for the Real Madrid player? Before the crazy events of Monday, nobody. But it has, apparently, happened.

According to the "source": "It’s no secret that Chelsea has paid a lot of money for players in the last few years. Some of those players have been successful and others not so. Felipe understands the budget has a limit but feels that he did not ask too much of the club.

"He bought Deco for £8million and made it clear how important Robinho was to his plans for the season. So he is entitled to feel let down that the club would not increase its offer by £4m to get the player. He is too professional to make a fuss but this is a blow."

It has also been claimed Robinho agreed to move to Man City without knowing how much he would earn. The claim in the Daily Mail is that the player will earn £108,000-a-week, which is £10,000 more than he would have received at Chelsea, but that figure does seem rather low (see here).

So Chelsea were beaten by Manchester City - the new Chelsea! And if the signing, or lack thereof, of one player can really upset Scolari this much, he may need to purchase some stress-relieving equipment ahead of the January transfer window - although by the time next summer's window comes around, Chelsea's billions may be just a distant memory of happier times!