Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Man City Madness: Liverpool twitch first?

Rumours are flying around that Liverpool are about to be bought-out by Dubai International Capital for £500million - suggesting the apaprently "end of football" chain-reaction has started just two days after Manchester City became the richest club in the world.

According to The Sun, Liverpool's current (unpopular) owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett would be able to walk away from Anfield with a profit, the club would become debt-free and boss Rafa Benitez would have a serious transfer budget to play with in January.

The man behind the bid, Sheikh Mohammed, is Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the seventh-richest person in the world in his own right. Dubai International Capital (DIC) were thought to be close to offering £400million for Liverpool earlier in the year, and have been trying to seal a deal for two years.

But the fun-and-games at Man City on Monday, when the mega-rich side blew £32.4million on Robinho and offered anywhere from £250m-£600m for some of the world's top players may have convinced them to step up their efforts to complete the deal.

According to claims by journalists in the Middle East, England's newest football club owners considered buying Arsenal or Newcastle before opting for Man City. Given the farce currently being played out at Newcastle, and the rabid fanbase the club enjoys, it would be no great surprise if yet more Middle Eastern money arrived in an attempt to buy-out owner Mike Ashley.

It's all happening as expected - the rich owners are being replaced by infinitely rich owners, and there is little chance this will all end in anything other than tears. Though it's unlikely Liverpool fans will care in the short-term if they are to ditch two Americans for some Sheikh, Rattle and Roll!