Saturday, December 6, 2008

Man City set for January anti-climax

Manchester City may - according to reports - have bid around £129million for Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas (or, at least, be prepared to pay that amount) but will any players actually make the mid-season move when the transfer window opens next month?

It seems unlikely. Top players will surely want to see out the rest of their club's Champions League campaigns, while the clubs won't want their top players to leave. Of course, everybody has a price, whether they be players or chairmen, but there doesn't seem to be much pull surrounding the light blue half of Manchester at the moment.

Aside from a few impressive displays, Man City have been distinctly average so far this season and have failed to grab the headlines for their on-the-pitch activities. Therefore, is it safe to say that they won't be doing much business in January?

Probably, yet it's clear that once the season ends and the summer window opens, all bets are off.