Thursday, September 4, 2008

Everton need a billionaire...don't we all?!?

Everton owner Bill Kenwright has said he is a "pauper" compared to other chairmen and would love the club "to have a billionaire" in his place. Whether a billion is worth getting out of bed for in the Premier League following Monday's (Sep 1) fun-and-games is arguable, but what he is saying should be worrying for all genuine football fans.

Everton are one of the clubs, along with Spurs, who can realistically claim they are the "best of the non-top four". Anyone but the most die-hard of Evertonians would already admit they have no real chance of reaching the top-four, but the owner throwing his hands in the air underlines the situation.

Speaking at an extraordinary general meeting of his club, Kenwright said: "I'm a pauper when it comes to other chairmen. I want Everton to have a billionaire, but it is not me. My shares have been for sale from the day I bought in.

"Now Arabs have bought Man City, making it even more difficult for Everton. I cannot go on like this, we need a new owner and we will continue to try to find one. I cannot see an alternative. This summer's transfer window has been the worst and most difficult I can remember. Every year it becomes more difficult to find the money. It is impossible to continue in the financial way we are at the moment."

The EGM was called to discuss plans for Everton's new stadium (don't do it, football will be dead soon enough!) but Kenwright's words almost look like a "come and buy us" plea to businessmen around the world - and the Middle East in particular. However, Everton may face the same problem they have for much of their existence: Liverpool Football Club.

For Liverpool are rumoured to be on the verge of being taken over by Sheikh Mohammed and Dubai International Capital. While the billionaires (or is that trillionaires?) at Man City may be happy to share the spotlight with their illustrious neighbors in red, would any investors want to attempt a similar move in Liverpool?