Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Milan claim no Chelsea Kaka deal

European football at the highest level seems to have more shady deals, winks and nudges than Gordon Brown and Tony Blair in a fancy restaurant - but the outcome seems to be the same!

In the world of modern football, which is more sport than sports entertainment, many fans enjoy the rumour and intrigue almost as much as what actually happens on the pitch. One rumour still floating about following the close of the summer transfer window is that AC Milan were going to sell Kaka to Chelsea as soon as Andriy Shevchenko returned from Stamford Bridge.

The link between politics and football gets even more entwined in Italy, of course, and particularly with AC Milan. Their president, Silvio Berlusconi, is currently the Prime Minister of Italy. How foreign politicians can manage to balance both is a question I have never found an answer to.

But back to Kaka. Berlusconi has denied any deal was arrange with Chelsea - and, as he's a top politician, we have to take his words at face-value, don't we...?

Berlusconi told Antenna 3: "I have absolutely not promised Kaka to Chelsea. Andriy is a big player and I'm convinced our supporters will be happy to have him again with us."

Coach Carlo Aneclotti also stressed Kaka is a key player. Which obviously goes without saying, but in this crazy media circus has to be said otherwise some hack will make something out of nothing being said.

And then we'll have a Kim Jong-il situation in European football...though that may be taking the politicisation of football theory too far!